The project

Why I Circle…

We women communicate our emotions, our moods, our personality, through details, through the care of details. The jewellery we wear speaks about us, it describes us. I founded I Circle to share with other women the passion for uncompromising elegance, the belief that we’re all perfect just the way we’re. As a child I drew and my draws were my games. As a grown woman, I decided to bring my draws to life by focusing on the ultimate, perfect shape that embraces and includes, as we women do. We always remain ourselves. And that’s why I put myself out there for this.

The form of elegance

I Circle is born out of a need and a realisation: the emotional need associated with the circular-shaped jewel, a fashion accessory particularly dear to women, and the realisation that it’s difficult to find a range that focuses on this particular shape of accessory.
The I circular jewel is therefore an identity-forming element that reflects both the perfection of the object and the centrality of women and their needs, thought by a woman for women.

Perfection and harmony

An aspiration and a description, a need conveyed by the form and strength of an object that complements the elegance and uniqueness of the wearer. This is how I Circlewhere both the subjectivity of MYSELF and the infinite repetitiveness of the sign come into play, declined in such a way that it’s linked to individual specificities without losing anything of the women’s uniqueness. The product consists of original pieces of jewellery in concept andcombination of materials, whose production is entrusted exclusively to Italian companies located in the top sectors of precious metal processing and specialised in semi-finished products.

Made in Italy and sustainability

The I Circle brand isn’t only about online marketing, but also about exclusive design, Italian quality and attention to detail, from the guarantee of carrying only nickel-free items to the attention to environmental sustainability, from the originality of the packaging to the choice of shipping partner. This is why our packaging is made exclusively of recyclable or recycled materials and the shipments are entrusted to the international supplier that offers the greatest guarantees in terms of reducing emissions and therefore environmental impact. Because the beauty and the emotions it gives us are in harmony with the world we want.

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